About Maui Street

I didn't start Maui Street with a particular objective in mind. At the back of my mind I wanted to address the shortage of Maori voice in the blogosphere. The older this blog got the more I wanted to address the shortage of Maori voices in the media too.

There's a shortage of Maori comment both on the internet and in the media. Much of the analysis that does exist is poor. Having said that, I don't pretend to be some sort of expert on Maori politics and things Maori.

Maui Street fills an important niche. I write mostly on issues that affect Maori, especially political issues, and I will do my best to post at least weekly. But with study commitments and life in general my posting habits may become erratic.

I welcome any feedback or anyone that wants to discuss something with me. You can get in touch with me at godfermorg@myvuw(dot)ac(dot)nz

About Me

I'm based in Wellington and I whakapapa to Ngati Awa, Ngati Hikairo, Ngai Tuhoe.

Take your time searching through Maui Street and I hope you find something of interest, something of value or something that incites you.