Mar 30, 2011

One News: Problem gambling in Kawerau

One News picked up on my problem gambling in Kawerau post. You can access the story here.

When Vaughan McCown, the owner of the Kawerau Pub, was asked whether he thought parents should be playing pokies in the morning he replied:

“…I say no, but that’s my call… and it’s their choice if they come here and play them” (my emphasis)

So McCown does not think it is right to open at 7.30am and have parents gamble. If that is so, why the hell is he doing it? McCown appears to be operating under the idea of profits before people. McCown, as a publican, knows that self control often gives way to gaming impulses. It is exploitation of the worst kind.

I’m grateful One News picked up on this story. I only hope it kicks the community into action.  

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  1. I don't think that solo mothers on benefits should be smoking. Does this self-righteousnesses give me the authority to forcibly take their holiday menthol rollies away for their own good?



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