Aug 30, 2011

I dropped the ball

The Jackal writes:

You might recall the hullabaloo around comments reportedly made by Hone Harawira regarding the death of Osama Bin-Laden. Well it turns out that he was misquoted, and the National Business Review article contained inaccuracies.

The initial NBR article created a veritable shit storm of further abusive reporting, bigoted blogs and racist comments, with many simply unable to control themselves. Somehow I don't think we'll be seeing any apologies for their misplaced accusations anytime soon... but here's a small sample of the idiotic right wing blogger's comments:

I must admit to taking part in the chorus of criticism directed at Hone (both here and on Radio New Zealand). And for that I apologise to you, the readers, and to Hone’s supporters who I know were a little gutted with my sloppy response. I try to uphold high standards of accuracy and fairness, but sometimes I shoot from the hip and get things wrong. Hopefully, it will not happen again.

For the best discussion on what actually happened and the agendas at play see this post from IrishBill at The Standard.   


  1. Mean bro and you're right, it was a 'huh' moment so cool for the call that u dropped the ball. Nah, more listened to the hype. Gotta watch them mainstream cuzzie, not always 4tha kaupapa.

  2. Easy enough to be mislead with all that propaganda and spin going on. Thanks for highlighting the issue further.



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