Oct 12, 2011

Oil to spread

It appears that my whenua in the Eastern Bay of Plenty will eventually be affected by the Rena spill. Dr James Holborow of the Department of Conservation is quoted in the Gisborne Herald as saying that a strong westerly will push oil as far east as the East Cape. Rick Pollock of Whakatane is quoted in the Whakatane Beacon as saying that a westerly wind (which is forecast tomorrow) will push oil towards Matata, the Raurima Islands, Whakaari (White Island), Whakatane, Ohope and Te Kaha. This puts many of the taonga of Ngati Awa, Ngati Rangitihi, Whakatohea, Te Whanau a Apanui and other Eastern Bay Iwi at risk. Perhaps most significantly Te Paepae a Aotea (Volkner Rocks) may become contaminated. Te Paepae o Aotea is said to be the place where the spirits of Ngati Awa depart for Hawaiki.  

For a useful timeline of the disaster see this from Zetetic


  1. It was only a matter of time before the South Pacific was spoiled and polluted. I was sort of expecting it. All thanks to the West and their dodgy practices - it almost seems deliberate and choreographed. Same shit in the North (Exxon Mobil), the East (Gulf oil spill) and the West (Fukushima). The entire Pacific region is polluted.

    And the cops say they will come down hard on anyone interferring with the containers that wash ashore. Yup, you can rely on the cops to protect corporate interests first. Hmm I wonder what's in some of those containers. So here we have our biggest man-made disaster arriving at a time of increased hardship and corporate bailouts/handouts and continued Wallstreet greed, and the cops are more worried about people taking shit from the containers that should be forfeited to the people by default.

    Well there's no time to think about our economic woes, we now have beaches to clean up. Oh wait - the government have now denied us access - for our own good. Long live the FSSB - how ironic huh?

  2. I would suggest Te Paepae a Aotea became contaminated when they called it 'Volkner Rocks'. What an insult. Now the only spirits departing from there will be the relatives of methanol and oil.



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