Dec 13, 2011

Back Benches tonight

I'll be on Back Benches again tonight. The show will screen at 8pm (not 9pm like most weeks) and I'll join One New's Jessica Mutch, Vic pol scientist Ana Gilling and Jordan Williams from Vote for Change.

Is it me or do they stack these panels with righties? Last time I was on I was the token lefty (David Farrar, Mark Unsworth and Ana were the other panelists) and it looks like I'm the token lefty again.


  1. Are you really counting Gilling as a righty?!

  2. Umm Ana is a former President of Young Labour. very amusing to have her classed as a rightie! She was also very involved with the Campaign for MMP.

  3. lol, my mistake then! In my, admittedly limited contact with her, she came across as right.



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