Jan 26, 2012

Eraka's blog

I forgot to mention that a few days ago I added a new blog to the Maori blog list. Eraka's blog is an anonymous blog focussing on Tainui politics. It's a fascinating read. The author provides a valuable, albeit frenzied, perspective and sheds some light on the rotten goings on in Te Arataura and Te Kauhanganui. You can check it out here.


  1. Thank u cheeky Maui, this is a good blog, it's at least giving a group of tech savvy tainui affiliates to give an inside scoop of the internal politics. This is the beauty of the Internet where our people are demanding transparency of their leadership. This is a powerful move and wise leadership would embrace this. Unfortunately the ego and politricking aims to keep the masses dumb, uninformed and asleep. I like your style of writing it's very provocative even if it's biased and labour leaning... Lol. Value based self leadership, the encouragement of independent thinking and the ability to call a spade a spade, that's what I'd like to read more of here. Keep it up, I think you have something of value

    1. there is only a person by the name of tukoiroirangi morgan who is holding back the good work of te arataura and te kauhanganui in tainui and he knows. The man needs to keep himself at the front of the tainui to get his share of the putea because no one else wants to use him neither government or iwi!!! So what does that say of the man and he is the one person along with rangi whakaruru not of tainui descent I must add who is bringing down the mana of the king and the kingitanga itself. Its time for the Motu to stand up and strip tainui of the kingitanga because there are certain people who are using the name of the kingitanga to their advantage and to procure what they perceive to be the power WHAT A LOAD OF TIKO! STAND UP THE PEOPLE OF WAIKATO- TAINUI- ITS BAD ENOUGH TRYING TO STAND UP TO THE GOVT OF THE DAY AND THEN TO DEAL WITH OUR PIRAU CMON PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!



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