Feb 1, 2012

Tania Martin takes aim at Te Arataura

Tania Martin, the Chair of Tainui’s Te Kauhanganui, has released the latest Chairperson’s report. The report deals with a number of issues, including comments on the performance of Te Arataura at 9.9 as well as comments on the distribution of Tainui funds at 10.1. Ms Martin notes that:

“we’re (Tainui) spending more and more and distributing less and less”.

The report states that the distribution in the 2009 financial year was 48% of tribal income, but in the 2011 financial year that figure dropped to 22%. Ms Martin juxtaposes the total distribution figure against expense figures. In the 2011 financial year Tainui, or more accurately Te Arataura, spent 65% of tribal income on expenses. Expenses include operational costs like admin and contracting costs.

Ms Matin states “we’re spending more and more” and holds that this is unacceptable. Fair enough. Tribal funds should, in the main, be distributed to tribal beneficiaries rather than towards incredibly high running costs.

The report also comments on the ongoing litigation in Tainui at 11 and cites five cases that have come before the Courts. The report concludes saying that the troubles in Tainui don’t have anything to do with the structure of the tribe, rather the “people in that structure”. I agree, but I also stand by my criticisms of the ridiculous complexity of post-settlement iwi structures. Tainui is the most prominent example. Complexity breeds uncertainty and affords bad characters the ability to muddy the waters with legal obstruction.

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  1. Yeah how many times does the poor woman have to spell it out to her people. Latest report is a replica of her first. Whole bloody year and the people of tainui still let that crook tuku morgan and his board take the reins. Let tuku and the king run them dry. Tainui seems to enjoy it.

  2. Good on Tania Martin at least she had the balls to stand up to Tokoroirangi Morgan and his crooked cronies...That poor lady had to put up with all the raru raru thrown at her in every direction...Because of Tokoroirangi DISHONESTY!!!

  3. Tania Martin I tautoko you and your stand to make a difference by fronting up to these people. I have always known that this was going to happen, and so not long after the lady was crowned, I paid her a visit with her son Tuheitia help. I was concerned then about the people she had around her and now he has a pack of unhealthy people around him. The big problem is the people talk behind their backs and don't know how to come forwards and say it as it is in those meetings they continue to have. So they continue to do what they do because the people allow it to happen. If and when the people wake up it could be to LATE.



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