Jun 7, 2013

Maori Maps

I've been meaning to write about Maori Maps, a mapping site that lists Marae across the country: 

Māori Maps provides a nationwide map of marae, with photos of each marae, contact and background information, and photographs. There are also restricted access areas that marae themselves can use to store their data and photos.

This site contains information for all the principal ancestral marae across Aotearoa, numbering almost 750 marae. Work is ongoing to add marae that are not yet listed, and to deepen the information presented for each location. Please do contact us to advise of changes or additions to the information about any marae

You can visit the site here. Please, do follow the link. It's a great resource and congratulations to the creators.


  1. What a great resource, loved the little dig from the Waihao runanaga

  2. I'm quite suspicious when corporates are involved with it. Especially those ones involved in the social engineering of our country. I am worried about corporate espionage on innocent whanau who may be targeted for land grabs.



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