Jan 24, 2011


The herald reports;

The Waikato-Tainui Parliament Te Kauhanganui voted to keep Tania Martin as its chairwoman.

Martin's leadership was reaffirmed in an extraordinary meeting where 32 marae delegates supported her. Twenty-one voted against her and seven were invalid.

This is an embarrassing outcome for both the King and Tuku Morgan and it reinforces the view that Tuheitia lacks the independence, intellect and leadership required. He has frustrated Te Kauhanganui, obstructed their Chairwoman and toed the Te Arataura line. He is weak and has not displayed the unifying skills required of a Maori monarch. 

This whole saga is a disgrace. Tuku Morgan has conducted himself in a most dishonourable manner and Tuheitia has shown he lacks the skills required of an Arikinui. The sooner they both leave the better.       


  1. All members of Te Arataura need to resign their positions and front up to Kauhanganui that they failed to provide evidence to support their financial positions for fear of being challenged on why they receive such large amounts of money that nga marae o Tainui only see in their dreams.
    Kauhanganui represents Te Iwi O Tainui
    Te Arataura represents Tuku Morgan and his private affairs business/money/ventures minus check-out assistance. Treaty settlements exist only in the name of Big Business { Contractual Deals }.

  2. Agreed. Te Arataura derives its mandate from Te Kauhanganui therefore they (Tuku etc) are ultimately answerable to Te Kauhanganui not themselves or the King.

  3. Care to make a prediction on how this will pan out for all the main protagonists ?

  4. Sure;


    The man is a shrewd operator, master manipulator and power behind the throne. He has an exceptional ability to manipulate people; however this will only count for so much given that Tania Martin occupies the honest position. More and more people are beginning to see Tuku for the crook that he is and no amount of rhetoric and false bravado will save him now (having said that it would be unwise to write him off at this point).

    In the end I think Tuku will fall; he does not have the capacity to anticipate adverse consequences. Men of such stratospheric arrogance lack foresight and fail to comprehend consequences that may not suit their aims.


    Tuheitia seems to operate under the notion that he is some sort of supreme monarch worthy of unquestioning respect and possessing supreme authority. Of course he is not. I think Tuheitia needs to realise his mana is derived from the people and he cannot use that mana against the wishes of his people. This whole saga will end in embarrassment on his part yet I think the people will refrain from calling for his abdication. Anger will be directed towards his advisers and serious questions will be asked in terms of how he runs his office but it will fall short of calls for resignation.

    Tania Martin:

    It is clear the people support her and she will continue so long as Te Arataura cooperates (unlike in the past).

    Te Arataura:

    Tuku is not the only crook in this equation. Others such as Patience Te Ao, well the entire board actually, is culpable. If any of them had any integrity they would resign and an immediate review into the organisation’s culture would be ordered. This is wishful thinking though. Change will not come about voluntarily rather through compulsion. Ultimately, Te Arataura has lost sight of the fact that their powers are delegated – ultimately they answer to Te Kauhanganui.

    It must be remembered that Tainui are intensely private and this affair will play out behind closed doors. It is hard to really predict what exactly will happen and it will be even harder to find out what happened.



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