Jan 10, 2011

Tania Martin - setting the record straight

A compelling report and rebuttal from Tania Martin (or indeed her legal team). It appears that Tuku and Te Arataura are in the wrong - big time. If what Tania Martin has claimed is accurate, and it appears so, then it can only be concluded that corruption, incompetence and sheer idiocy permeates Te Arataura.

Hat tip Whenua Fenua Enua Vanua

(If I have time I will try to extract the most relevant parts).  


  1. Kia ora

    I would like to say that I support the review and investigation of the Executive Board. I am disgusted that Mr Morgan and the executive board has used all it's power and position to discredit Tania Martin and attack her publicly and using Te Hokoioi to do it was dissapointing to say the least. If any one has brought this tribe into disrepute it has been Mr Morgan and the performance of the Executive.

    It it obvious that the Board has done everything in it's power (including what is not in their power) to sack, discredit, attack, and bully those who have had the courage to speak up. Hemi Rau, Tom Roa, Sonny Wilson, Mamae Takerei and now Tania Martin to name a few. Te Arataura has abused their position, used tribal purse to attack and villify these people in order to cover their own incompentece and dishonesty in regards to innapropriate spending, and misleading Te Kauhanganui for personal gain. Mr Morgan sacked the CEO, became the interim cheque signer, and basically gave himself and signed his own bonus with the support of the Executive Board within days of sacking the former CEO Hemi Rau.

    I support an indepth review and then the re-election of the executive board

    Lisa Hopa
    I would state where I am from however I think my hapu has suffered enough already.

  2. Hemi RAU, obviously eDuCateD, but Heavily Resourced HEMI RAU The ENEMY within, FEARLESS to risk hundreds and hundreds of thousands of dollars in the courts for TAU IWI justice in spilt milk family matters to KINGITANGA tribal issues, RAU is a Horrific danger to the future of a prosperous MAORIDOM. If you dont sit at his table, YOU ARE MUD.
    Have or do you sit at his table? Well well



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