Aug 12, 2011

Watch Marae

I’ll be appearing on Marae Investigates this Sunday at 10am on TV One. I’ll be speaking on the dramas in Tainui. I think I might be joined by former Te Kauhanganui Chairman Tom Roa.  


  1. Morgan, I don't think you represented the views of all Rangatahi, particularly those of us in Tainui. You are unfamiliar with the dynamics in Te Kauhanganui and indeed the politics of our Iwi, so leave it alone. To describe Tainui as needing Tuku Morgan is like saying that Heaven needs the Devil. Tuku Morgan is not indispensable. He is dishonest and so too is Willie Jackson. Look up the Crimes Act Morgan, dishonesty is against the law.

  2. Who cares about Tom Roa? He couldn't stand the heat in the kitchen and got out. He's a quitter and turned his back. Stay out forever Tom Roa. You had your chance to lead the people and you bowed to Tuku Morgan. It took a woman with guts to stand up for the people. That's what you call a leader. Tom Roa? Has-been.

  3. I wasn't there to represent the views of Rangatahi, especially those in Tainui. I was appearing in my capacity as a blogger and political commentator.

  4. Morgan - its a pity you (and other commentators) keep referring to 'Tainui'. It is not Tainui.

    It is Waikato which is keeping its name in the front headlines. Waikato settled its claim in 1995. Waikato has Te Kauhanganui Inc and Mrs Martin as its chair. Te Arataura is a committee of Te Kauhanganui and is chaired by Tuku Morgan.

    Whilst Hauraki, Maniapoto and Raukawa are descendants of those from the Tainui waka - they are still to settle. They are done a disservice when media (mainly Pakeha and some Maori) drag them into our public and bitter in-fighting.

    Why would Roa front? He may have had to explain why he quit after winning the court battle against Morgan in 2009 when the High Court invalidated the restructuring proposal. What meaningful contribution could Roa have made last Sunday - the same noise as Willie Jackson? Given the background Roa could hardly have fronted to support Tuku Morgan

  5. Sometimes the best thing for a political commentator to do is shut their mouth, Morgan, particularly when doing so impinges on the mana of an iwi that is not their own.

  6. Kia kaha Morgan your comments about Tuku being bound to the ideology of privitisation showed more insight & intelligence than the Maori media hacks that interviewed you. As for the comments above they are reflective of the authoritarian nature of Maori 'leadership 'that hates being held accountable or questioned by anybody.

  7. Morgan is Tainui. He is Ngati Hikairo of Kawhia. And there is a link to do with his first name too.



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