Mar 8, 2012

Sandra Lee for Auckland Mayor....

In the wake of Len Brown's betrayal of his base, Maori are floating Sandra Lee as a possible contender for the Auckland Mayoralty. My understanding of Auckland politics is limited, but the idea is plausible - I think. Is anyone else hearing this?


  1. Are you nuts? You're young, so its understandable you won't remember some of this stuff, but couldn't you have googled Sandra before floating this? (it's dangerous to float such ideas - that's how Jim Anderton almost got elected Chch mayor, which would have been a disaster for democracy).

    Sandra is lovely, but of nervous disposition. She really isn't suited to high pressure leadership positions, as she proved emphatically when Anderton resigned as Alliance Party leader, and Sandra assumed the role. She frequently went AWOL (literally), and was on the verge of tears half the time. Read Matt McCarten's biography - Rebel in the Ranks (and recall Matt is a mate of Sandra's, so he is sympathetic, as am I).

    Why not the other half of the Lee's - Mike? Solid lefty, impeccable cred, and smooth negotiating skills. Doesn't crack under pressure. Should have been Auckland's first mayor, but Len played the 'don't split the left vote' card through his Labour chums.

    And we know where Mike Lee stands on the wharfy dispute! Union and seafarer background...


  2. What a nice comments.

  3. Morgan, Morgan you are so gen Y man - do you google at all? I'm with the above comment. Sandra Lee would be CAHRAZEE as a choice for mayor. She has some history and not so pleasant either. She lacks empathy and like any Maori woman stuck in mainstream politics has had to sell her soul at least 500 times to kick it with the whitefolk. I'm sure shes a good person but she lacks the energy for the mayor position.



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