Apr 24, 2012

Closeup tonight

I'm on Closeup tonight at 7pm on TV1. I'll be on with Willie Jackson and John Ansell. It's, at this stage, a follow up discussion on the Popata brothers story that ran last night.


  1. I don't consider them 'new Maori radicals' what they're doing is as old as days - Mike Smith, Tame Iti era - back then it was effective, but not anymore. I consider myself a 'new Maori radical' working the pakeha system to beat them at their own game. There is nothing radical at all about that Popata guy - what he's doing is what we're stereotyped to do. Ngarimu Blair is a new Maori Radical. Michael Parekowhai is a new Maori Radical. Marama Davidson is a new Maori Radical. Not some kid up north using your (yes yours, Morgan) blog phrase to cause a stir (he always uses your house nigger line).

    1. My house nigger line? Uhhhm, that line is as old as the hills and definitely doesn't belong to me.

    2. Funny - I would never ever feel cheeky enough to call myself a 'new Maori radical' - I'm a no-one but do try and have a voice among it all is all.

      I support Mike, Tame, the Popata brothers etc - I support the underlying fundamental of people doing different things to try and change the status quo for Maori. I may not always support other people's approaches or methods, but at the end of the day I support the bigger vision of understanding that we need to find a better way for our people. I may not always agree with Morgan on every microscopic point but in general he is an impressive young man and has a worthy perspective.

      Nga mihi to you all - and for anyone interested I have tried to outline my kaupapa in this article:

    3. Thanks for your comments, Marama. Always appreciated.

  2. Morgan - you and Hone Harawira were excellent, dignified and extremely articulate. Kia ora!

    I’m a Pakeha New Zealander and I was proud to see such intelligent analysis of the racist undercurrents in our society.

    By the way, I’m definitely not saying that those who disagree with the Popata brothers are racist and anti-Maori. Many opponents are not at all racist, and instead have valid suggestions to the brothers. For instance, one comment that came through on the Close Up feedback was that the brothers should channel their anger and energy into achieving Parliamentary representation.

    John Ansell is an ignorant, incendiary twit. It’s hard to say what was his lowest point in that feature – either when he pointed at Harawira and said “people like you”, or when he took a cheap shot at Maori vis-à-vis ANZAC Day. For shame. Ansell is truly a disgrace. God knows how or why he even gets airtime.

    Keep up the good work Morgan.

  3. I was disappointed in TVNZ tonight as I thought one Maori against one Pakeha might have been a sign of equality.

    Clearly, as we have known for sometime the playing field in NZ is stacked heavily in one direction when it comes to entitlement.

  4. I saw you and was very impressed. Well done!

  5. Morgan you are the most impressive young Maori speaker I have seen fullstop.

  6. Kia ora Morgan. I sent comments through to Close Up last night commending you and Hone for the dignified way you both responded to the interview. It probably was made easy by the fact that John Ansell is an ignoramus but nonetheless you and Hone showed clarity and intelligence.

    Keep up the good work.

  7. Kia ora Morgan I thought you were fantastic.
    I hope we get to see more of you in the media.
    As for Ansell.You know what he is.No one will ever give him the attention he so desperately yearns for and the more him and his ilk resist the more foolish they look.
    Kia kaha!



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