Apr 30, 2012

Images from the Aotearoa is not for sale protest

One of my favs

The head of the march

True to form, the unions are a big part of the protest

One of the protest leaders, Joe Carolan, speaks to Russell Norman

Labour, along with David Shearer, were a big part of the protest

The protest wasn't just about asset sales, with support for tino rangatiratanga coming from an unconventional group
There appear to be more than 3000 people here. The organisers estimated 22,000, the Herald on Sunday estimated 3000, but initial media estimates put the number at 10,000. I tend to agree with the latter estimate.  

Again, Labour is a big part


  1. Asians supporting Tino Rangatiratangata that's really interesting.

    1. Yup it is i suppose :) For me (i'm also holding the banner) as tau iwi learning about colonisation in Aotearoa that we've migrated/been born into, feels like the logical thing to do.

      Assets sales link into that as they add to yet another Tiriti breach...

  2. where was Te Ururoa Flavell today in rotorua

    1. That's a good question. Parliament was sitting today, so he was probably needed in the House.

    2. i think is hold on the seat is tenacious at best so even if the house was sitting the maori party would have been better served with him there

  3. Hi Morgan, Joe Carolan here. The ANFS committee here in Auckland settled for the figure mentioned by Fairfax as a fair fact- 8,000.

    PS please link our blog to the sidebar and we'll reciprocate ;)

  4. Hi Joe, thanks for that. I'll link to your guys blog today. Cheers.



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