Jun 27, 2012

Best and worst performing Maori MPs for June

I've updated the best and worst performing Maori MPs list. Te Ururoa Flavell remains in the best performing list while Catherine Delahunty -yes, a Pakeha - also wins a spot. Wellington City Councillor, and the most effective councillor according to the Wellingtonian, Paul Eagle is also included.

Rounding out the bottom half is Hone Harawira for his stubborn position on marriage equality. Tau Henare also finds himself on the worst performing list thanks to his poor form on Wikipedia.

Again, this these are my own subjective opinions are they're open to criticism.


  1. "Too often ‘moral conservatism’ is used as a cloak for bigotry."

    A cloak? I'd say it's a synonym.

    1. "Hone is obligated to follow the party line even if he doesn't agree."...following the party line isn't Hone's strength



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