Jun 22, 2012

Welcoming Kelvin Davis and Jack McDonald

I'm getting tired of reading my own opinion here, and I suspect some of you might be too. So, with that in mind, I'm pleased to tell you former MP Kelvin Davis and former Green Party candidate Jack Tautokai McDonald will be contributing around here.

Kelvin is a former Labour MP and has been appearing in the media recently as a political commentator. Jack was the young gun candidate for the Greens in Te Tai Hauauru last election. They'll be bringing a valuable perspective to Maui St.  


  1. I'm getting tired of reading my own opinion here, and I suspect some of you might be too.

    Not at all. But it will be very interesting to hear from Kelvin Davis and Jack Tautokai McDonald too.

    Any chance you could get a woman to join your team?

  2. I'd like to. It's hard to find someone appropriate and it's even harder to find someone who wants to. I think Marama Davidson is good, but she has her own blog.

  3. Maybe Annette Sykes? then there would be someone from labour, the greens and the mana party. A good cross section (of the left at least) of views.

    + Annette does not blog.

  4. I will ask around too Morgan regarding a wahine. And I'd be happy to ask Maui Street if I could pop in with some guest posts if ever that was appropriate. I think it's great to see people offering an array of views on any platform. Sort of like a blog panel as opposed to a political panel lol.

  5. Blog panel sounds great, maybe a blog writer from rangatahi would be good too



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