Mar 7, 2013

Taking the heat out of the Maori radical movement? (and Putahi)

You can take a look at my first post for the Daily Blog here. I couldn't spend nearly as much time crafting the post as I'd have liked (it's the first week of uni and other stuff is getting in the way), but the overall point remains. Are Court decisions taking the heat out of the Maori radical movement? Debate here.


On a side note, Putahi is screening on Maori TV. Hosted by Precious Clark, Putahi is a panel show exploring and debating issues important to Maori. The show screens every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday until the end of April. I featured on an episode discussing political engagement among Maori. It airs next week. It was, I think, one of the most interesting panel discussion I've had. The other panelists were Helen Te Hira and Jeremy Lambert. Speaking about TV, I've also filmed two episodes with Think Tank. Think Tank screens on TV3 and is hosted by John Tamihere. I featured on a customary rights episode and a Maori politics episode. Again, two of the more interesting panel discussions I've had. Think Tank screens later this year.

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  1. Precious Clark is an amazing Wahine -Her performance on the rugby world cup was superb. Millions of people saw her performance.



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