Mar 25, 2013

Reminder: Maori electoral option

Labour's Associate Maori Affairs spokesperson Rino Tirikatene is reminding voters that the Maori enrolment option opens today. 
Tirikatene says it is important that Maori consider their options as it only comes up once every five years. 
"It's important that Maori voters know that the option is open because it determines who will represent them in Parliament. 
"The Maori electorates anchor Maori political power. They also ensure guarantee that kaupapa Maori issues are represented in Parliament." said Tirikatene. 
The number of Maori enrolled on the Maori roll has steadily increased from 101,585 in 1993 to 229,666 in 2008. 
As a result the number of Maori electorates has increased from four in 1993 to seven in 2008.

I've outlined why this is important and Rino makes a similar point. The option is open for the next four months and if you're of Maori descent you should receive an enrolment pack this week.  


  1. I’m voting for Mana Party –The Maori party are making changes but they are incrementally to small and the leadership struggle has made everyone a leader, Labour won’t abandon its confiscatory policies.

  2. I'm changing to the General Roll. The candidates in my Maori electorate are uninspiring. This constant bickering between Labour, Maori Party and now Mana has gotten old. I'm over it.

    1. You can vote for a non-maori politician

    2. It would be a wasted vote.



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