Feb 9, 2011

More disappointment on the MCA

The Māori Affairs Committee has reported back [PDF] on the Marine and Coastal Area (Takutai Moana) Bill, and recommended that it be passed without amendment.

Say what?

The government has rammed this bill through, prevented the committee from taking advice from the department on proposed amendments, and ignored all submissions. The 500 page summary of submissions was only made available to Labour Members yesterday, and the bill approved without amendment that same day.

National doing what National does best. Shitting on democracy.  

Its worth noting that the Māori Party colluded in this, providing National with the majority to do all this. So much for their commitment to the democratic process, or for "listening to their people". Their people submitted on the bill in good faith. Te Ururoa Flavell helped shut them down and shut them out to aid his National Party masters.

This is unforgivable. Te Ururoa’s actions show disrespect towards everyone who submitted both for and against the bill. His actions completely disregard the concerns of many iwi that opposed the bill and illustrate intense contempt for democracy.
I hope this is the beginning of the end for Te Ururoa. He does not deserve to represent the people of Waiariki nor does he deserve to represent Maoridom.

It is absolutely treacherous to purport to represent Maori interests while on the other hand actively suppressing Maori views. Te Ururoa has made a conscious choice to diminish Maori concerns in favour of political expediency and for that he must go. It appears that, when given the choice, Te Ururoa will choose to advance political relationships and agendas above representing the views of his constituents.

Te Ururoa has sent a strong message to Maori Party supporters: Your views are irrelevant when they do not suit my political aims. Trust is a virtue worth cultivating - The Maori Party knows this, The Maori Party says this but apparently Te Ururoa Flavell does not practise this. Essentially, Te Ururoa has shown that putting ones ‘trust’ in The Maori Party is a mistake.

Hat tip No Right Turn

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  1. Tēnā koe e te whanaunga

    Perhaps you and I need to meet up for a cuppa and a chat. You can indeed make judgement based on your constituent perspective, however, when you refer to 'Maoridom' exactly who are you talking about? Are you talking about general Māori who have whakapapa Māori, or do you refer to the Māori who live Māori, speak Māori, are active in their communities, support achievement based initiatives for Māori, take responsibility for themselves as Māori....? Gone is the use of this term 'Maoridom'. And I hope your title FU Te Ururoa is not what I think it is, rather it is FU, as in WHU! I am happy to meet with you cuzz, you know my number. M xx



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