Feb 23, 2011


From TangataWhenua.com;

A hui today for a proposed hikoi to protest against the Marine and Coastal Bill have agreed upon official dates for leaving and arriving in Wellington.
The hikoi will be against the Government rushing this Bill through parliament after over 6000 submissions were received and not one change done to it.
11th of March 2011 is the date the hikoi takutaimoana will leave from Te Rerenga wairua.
The proposed date of arrival in Wellington will be Tuesday the 22nd March 2011
It will take 11 days to travel the 1100 kms from Te Rerenga Wairua to Wellington

One wonders whether Hone will be leading the Hikoi as the people descend on Parliament? This should cause Pita and Tariana more than a few sleepless nights. The threat is genuine and, to my surprise, the people are mobilising. I guess the old protest networks still exist. I await The Maori Party response to this.

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  1. We object to the Political Party named "The Maori Party" within the New Zealand Government, voting in support of the legislation named "The Marine and Coastal Area (Takutaimoana) Bill.

    This legislation violates and breaches Maori Rights embedded in the treaty named "Te Tiriti O Waitangi" and the Declaration named "He Whakaputanga o nga Rangatira o Niu Tireni".

    We also object to the Maori Party,s continuation of support to this legislation.

    Therefore,we would like to state Maori Party's vote of support for the Marine and Coastal Area Bill DOES NOT represent our support or tautoko.

    We request that the Political Party named the Maori Party cease immediately their continuation of support of the "Marine and Coastal Area(Takutaimoana) Bill, as it continues to violate and breach "Te Tiriti O Waitangi".

    For the asaid reasons given above

    We request that Assent is NOT GIVEN to the Marine and Coastal Area (Takutaimoana) Bill by the Governor General of New Zealand.




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