Sep 15, 2011

Willie Jackson stands down

This is unfortunate news:

Labour's Tamaki Makaurau candidate Shane Jones says the absence of broadcaster Willie Jackson from the line-up shouldn't affect November's outcome.
After months of flying kites, the former Alliance MP yesterday announced he would not stand on the Mana Party ticket because it's likely his presence in the race would guarantee a Labour victory.
Mr Jones says it was always going to be a two horse race between Maori Party leader Pita Sharples and himself, and he's not surprised Mr Jackson is out. 

I’ve always thought Willie could snatch the seat. I think Willie knew he stood a real chance, but he would rather carry on with his sweet gigs at Radio Live, Radio Waatea, Maori TV and the Manukau Urban Maori Authority. Why re-enter the fray when your life after politics is, perhaps, more rewarding than your life in politics. Staying out of the race also gives Willie more time for his family.

The focus now turns to Shane Jones. Can he, in light of Pita and the Maori Party’s poor performance, unseat a Minister and snatch an unlikely victory for Labour.


  1. I'll bow to your knowledge here but my gut reaction was that Willie may not win, but would take enough votes to let Jones beat Sharples.

    I agree it is a lot harder for Jones to win now. Will be interesting to see some polls once they are done.

  2. That was my initial thought too, David. However, after speaking to Willie and knowing how slack both Jones and Sharples are I started to think Willie had the upper hand. Jones is an unknown quantity among urban Maori while both Willie and Sharples are the two most prominent urban Maori (discounting John Tamihere of course). Jones is, as you know, notoriously lazy, gaffe prone (his performance on the Nation comes to mind) and lacks the sort of campaign infrastructure Willie can tap through the MUMA, John Tamihere, the Unions etc. As for Sharples, well, he's an inept politician imo. His previous campaigns relied almost entirely on JT and Willie's networks and experience. About the only people still helping Sharples are his Ministerial/Parliamentary staff.

    At this point, I'm picking Sharples will retain the seat. Steph Harawira (who will probably get the nod) will pose no threat to Pita's vote. Having said that, according to Shane his future is bound to Tamaki Makaurau. So maybe he might make a good fist of it for the sake of his future.

  3. So, I was right then... on everything. :)

    He's weak and compromised - best he stood aside. He's not prepared to back himself or Mana and wants uncle Pete to win FFS. The only one who wants Sharples to win more than Willie are the Nats.

  4. I was browsing the blogs looking at the responses to Willie Jackson standing down, and couldn't help but notice Tim Selwyns comment about Willie being weak and compromised. Who the hell do you think you are Selwyn? Willie has been a strong and principled leader and fighter for our people in South Auckland and for Maori, Pacific Is, Pakeha, anybody for many many years. He stood down because we did not want him to go to Parliament he does great work in the community, also its not about National or Labour to him, its about whats right for Maori, in my book, that's not weak, thats strength and sacrifice.

  5. James - he is weak and compromised in respect to backing the Mana movement not in respect to his many good deeds in the South Auckland community. Every week day for the last few months he's been vacillating on Radio Live - anyone listening to that would understand what his position was - all over the show. Anyway, I know who you are, and all power to you with the portage waka events etc.



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