Sep 16, 2011

Bradford for Mana

Sue Bradford has finally confirmed she will stand in Waitakere. From the NZ Herald:

Former Green MP Sue Bradford will stand for the Mana Party in Waitakere - but will seek the party vote only to increase Labour's chances of taking the seat back from National's Paula Bennett.

Ms Bradford was formally selected by Mana to stand in the seat yesterday.

She said there was a risk she would split the vote on the left, but she intended to make it clear she only wanted the party vote for Mana in the electorate.

This is part of Mana’s media strategy: Stand high profile candidates in tight electorates and, consequently, generate continuous headlines. Given that Mana missed out on broadcast funding failed to apply, they needed to investigate other ways to generate publicity.

Sue will be ranked at number four (Annette will be two and John Minto three). Sue will be a useful addition to Mana. Hone and Annette are primarily concerned with tino rangatiratanga, Matt McCarten and his people are primarily concerned with revolutionary politics and economic reform, Sue, however, is concerned with bread and butter social justice issues, for example restoring benefits to a humane level.

Hopefully Sue pushes Mana to take up a formal position on issues like abortion, gay marriage and women’s rights.     


  1. Mana didn't "miss out" on broadcasting funding. They chose not to apply for any.

  2. My understanding was that they missed the deadline?

  3. Yes - they missed the deadline in the sense of they chose not to apply for funding by the relevant deadline. In spite, note, of Graeme alerting Hone to its existence.

  4. Thanks for clearing that up, Graeme and Andrew.

  5. The RSS feed has words often running together. Could you fix?

  6. I noticed that today, anon. I looked back and realised it's happened more than once. I'll correct it in following posts. Cheers.

  7. Yes, Mana can stand on a platform of tino rangatiratanga and social justice, then Sue Bradford can sneak in unlimited abortion, gay marriage and any other liberal position supported by no more than 0.2% of Mana supporters. Which is what she did in the Greens. Until they said they wanted no more of her 'leadership', so she spat the dummy and quit.

    That'll really help Mana get traction with flaxroots voters, aye?

  8. I think we could put up billboards asking people to give Sue two ticks



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