Sep 6, 2011

Breaking News: Charges dropped against "Urewera 15"

All firearms charges have been dropped against the so called "Urewera 15". This is an embarrassing back down from the Police, but the correct outcome. I am pleased and the Maori world is pleased. The decision comes after the Supreme Court ruled certain evidence inadmissible, therefore overruling previous judgments from the High Court and the Court of Appeal. Criminal charges have hung over the heads of the defendants for over four years causing massive emotional trauma including relationship breakdowns and bankruptcy. Justice has finally come for 11 members of the group, but four members, including Tame Iti, will face the minor charge of participating in a criminal group. No doubt this is in an attempt to save face, but also smash Tame Iti and co. who are no friends of the system. Hopefully, the pigs run into all the criticism they deserve for pursuing what was, from the very beginning, a wild fantasy.   


  1. So, when addressing you in your role as Spokesperson for the Maori World (TM), should we call you 'your enlightened spokespersonship' or just 'spokesy'? Or perhaps we should ask Tuku Morgan, who thought he spoke for all Maori on Earth?

  2. Ae tautoko te hē o te kāwana. I don't know what you eggs are talking about Tuku for. He has nothing to do with this kaupapa. Get a life and grab a tea towel.

  3. The injustice continues, they may be off the charges but what has it cost them? I cant believe that Collins and Key cant take responsibility, u fuckers are in charge. Weak limp national fuckers..Doesnt matter when it only effects Maori, Cmon Dr Sharples hold them to account. If my vote counted for something make this it.

  4. the "pigs" were only doing what was instructed ... by the labour government

  5. "I am pleased and the Maori world is pleased."

    I'm guessing the Maori world emailed you to clue you in on this.

  6. Ha, funny guy. Te Ao Maori is happy, but what would you know about that.

  7. Morgan, you've criticised other Maori for claiming to speak for all Maori before, now you seem to be doing so yourself.

    I'm sure a lot of Maori are very happy about this, but "the Maori World is happy"?



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