May 29, 2012

Katene shoots herself in the foot

Well, it turns out Rahui Katene has been advertising herself as the MP for Te Tai Tonga on Facebook. 

Katene was claiming yesterday that people were still coming to her “for help”. Well, that’s no surprise when she’s advertising herself as the MP for Te Tai Tonga.

In any event, I find it almost impossible to believe that Christchurch residents are going to Rahui for help. After all, she’s based in Wellington – far removed from Christchurch. Christchurch residents would have to have access to Katene’s personal number, email or address. It’s not plausible that anyone outside of the Maori Party circles have those details. Therefore, it’s likely that Maori Party supporters or those connected with the party are still going to Rahui - if anyone is at all. 

I don’t want to make this story any bigger than it is, because that gives undeserved oxygen to Rahui Katene in her increasingly desperate bid to remain relevant.

Rahui Katene claiming to be the MP for Te Tai Tonga


  1. Rahui had rare 1st-term advantages: the tragedies of River Pike & the CHCH earthquakes that needed response plus getting to speak many times on behalf of Ministers & in the House. Still did not hold the seat and that does link back to what she did not do.
    Currently you have to ask: how about getting on with a job? The best MPs (like Simon Power)are those who can get jobs in other sectors easily. How come she isn't off showing her worth in other sectors? Although her CV does raise questions as to whether or not she really had a strong enough track record to make the grade as a MP anyway.
    I also think Rino has a way to go before he can claim being a good performer - yes, he made good calls on the AFFCO strike & Nelson ward, but he needs to be way more present physically & electronically in the electorate before he can claim he is performing. I hope he treats these minor 'scuffles' as a wake-up call about improving his game as well.

  2. I think you're right. Despite those unprecedented, and very tragic, events Rahui still failed to cement herself as the MP. And yes, Rino has some time to go to prove himself, but he has until 2014 to do so. The first year is almost never a notable year for an MP, least of all the first 6 months. Especially when you're an MP charged with looking after an entire Island.

  3. easy mistake, she probably forgot to change her settings. both her and rino lack charisma and they both look terrible squabling like this, so many bigger issues happening down south and this is the news they generate? just get on with the mahi, it's good to have two people working for te tai tonga, it's probably the most vulnerable electorate - too big and full of disasters

  4. I don't accept that she forgot to change her settings. She told Danya Levy that the password to the account was held by someone overseas. Yeah, fair enough. However, she then claimed that she could access the account via her iPad, but she didn't have access to that part of the account. This is just silly. I'm on my iPad now and I have access to my settings and I can change the 'works at' section.

    You're right, though, about there being bigger issues and Te Tai Tonga being a vulnerable electorate. But, of course, these are the sorts of stories that generate attention. Rino or Rahuis constituency work is just ho hum stuff that the media will never pick up.

    1. Tautoko your comment Morgan about not accepting that Rahui forgot to change her settings. I remember seeing on her website a change in her employment status after the 2011 election when she kept status as MP for Te Tai Tonga and added doing some work for Te Upoko o te ika radio.
      Agree that there are bigger issues but the way Rahui (& Rino) behave tells us about their personal integrity, focus & abilities which give each of us confidence or otherwise in their ability to do a job of public service.
      Rahui appears to have shown a personality trait that needs to be considered in light of the work she aspired to do as a MP.
      Separately - why didn't she worry about removing from her website the role as MP? make an effort to remove it? that is also an issue. It could not credibly have been a simple oversight.

  5. Kaua e maharahara i ana mahi. Ehara a Rahui i te wahine tinihanga. Kaore kore ka whawhai ia kia potihia ano. I wini a Chester Borrows i tona turu i Whanganui i te potitanga tuatoru. E aroha ana te iwi whanui ki te tangata kaha ki te whawhai i tana e hiahia ai. Kei a Rino inaianei. Me whawhai ia kei tere i ona ringa. Kei te pera te ao torangapu. Ko taku; kia kaha Rahui, kia kaha hoki a Rino.

  6. Rino will hold the seat. Not because he's good but because it's harder for the Maori Party and MANA respectively to set themselves up down there to take on Rino and Labour.

    That said I was disappointed that Rino won. The Maori seats are best held by Maori Party and MANA MPs than Labour ones. Labour doesn't need them. They've got all the general marginal and safe seats to target.



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