Apr 6, 2011


I have a few tests coming up so I probably won’t have time to blog over the next week and a bit. In the mean time have a look through the archive. Maui St is the only blog that analyses Maori political issues on a regular basis and in any real depth. Much of the material here is not covered in the MSM, the blogoshpere or anywhere else really.

If anyone’s interested and can’t be bothered trawling through the archive, I recommend you read the following pieces:

Evaluating the Kingitanga: This post attempts to evaluate the Kingitanga in light of the Tania Martin sacking.

Evaluating the Maori Party. Part one and two: The only comprehensive evaluation of the Maori Party’s achievements and failures.

All Politics is Local: This posts examines Maori and Local Government. Again, the only piece of its kind anywhere.

Pita Sharples vs. Shane Jones: An evaluation of the contest in Tamaki Makaurau in light of the Horizon poll

Left: No Vancany: This post suggests that the Maori Party is beginning to vacate the left and open the door for Labour and Hone Harawira.
Matt McCarten on Hone Harawira: Provides a further discussion re one of Matt’s columns on Hone Harawira.

Brief Thoughts on the Native Affairs Poll: This post is exactly what the title says.

The Hikoi arrives: A report on the hikoi against the MCA act.

Stop the Drilling: A discussion re offshore drilling

Annette Sykes vs. Te Ururoa Flavell: Examines the contest in Waiariki should Annette Sykes stand.

Problem Gambling in Kawerau: A short discussion surrounding a Kawerau publican’s application to open his pub at 7.30am.

Asset sales, iwi and Maori: Examins assets sales, why iwi are so keen on them and the effect on Maori.
“It will benefit Maori”: Examines assets sales and Maori and attacks the rationale that "it will benefit Maori".

On Hone Harawira forming a new party: A fairly old post examining the problems a new party would face.

Quick reponse to the Hone Harawira suspension and the idiocy of Pita Sharples: Deals with Hone’s suspension and some stupid comments from Pita Sharples.  

The iwi elite: This post examines the self proclaimed iwi leaders.

Death Spiral: This post covers the select committee farce re the MCA act

Sort it out, Labour: Discusses the Labour Party and the absence of Maori in winnable list or electorate positions

Part 1:WGG Report and the Maori Party: This post examines the toxic welfare working group report and the implications for the Maori Party.

Hone vs. Tariana: Exactly what the title says it is (the post was written before the Hone/Maori Party schism).

It’s not looking good Tuku: A point by point summary of the Tania Martin scandal.

Of course there is far more to Maui Street than this. The above pieces merely caught my eye while I was picking through the archive. Maui St is a niche blog that covers issues that are usually neglected or treated poorly if covered. I like to think Maui St offers an authentic and thoroughly unique perspective - untainted by party association or cultural detachment. Anyway, If I go on I risk sounding self-absorbed and overly enamoured with my own opinions. So I'll stop. But I will recommend you follow the links in the Maori Blogs list. It's well worth the read.     


  1. Good luck with exams. I just stumbled acorss you're blog, and it's right up my ally great stuff, ka pai! Hey and thanks for linking my blog, which I just started yesterday, looks like I'll need to update regularly now, sweet.

  2. Hi Morgan,

    As a fellow student I can appreciate the time pressures - I just want to say I'm impressed with the work you are doing and as a pakeha student of politics I find the analysis engaging and thoughtful.



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  4. Anytime man. Give me a yell if you want me to link to anything else (posts etc).

    Cheers, Simon. I'm glad you find it useful.



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