Apr 22, 2011

New Maori blog

Maori Law and Politics is a great new Maori blog by Joshua Hitchcock. Joshua is a lawyer working in the Treaty of Waitangi field. He is far more charitable towards the Maori Party than I. Meaning he is more objective than I, and more sensible some would say, when it comes to discussing the Maori Party. This is what Joshua has to say about his blog:  

As much as possible, Maori Law and Politics will be a forward-looking, positive expression of our potential as Maori.  Policy ideas will be discussed and floated for comment and legal issues will be dissected.   The reality of Aotearoa/New Zealand is that we, as Maori, now share this beautiful country with people of many different races and creeds.  I am a strong believer in Tino Rangatiratanga – the right of the whanau and hapu to decide their own approach and take control of their own affairs, but at the same time I am an Officer of the High Court of New Zealand and I take this responsibility seriously.  Like it or not, we are part of a collective society and any commentary on Maori law and politics needs to be grounded in this fact.  While this position may leave me open to criticism from many Maori activists, I make no apologies for it.
Sounds promising. I look forward to reading more of what Joshua has to say.

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  1. Tena koe Joshua.

    Māori need to assert their rights to govern this country with Pākeha (particularly those of Pākeha descent from te tiriti.

    This election is an opportunity, and Māori need to support either the Māori Party, Mana or New Zealand First. Support of any other Party, National, Labour, Green Party etc, despite Māori in these parties, will only serve to protect the status quo.
    After the election if National is in Government look for a watering down of 'te tiriti' and 'tino rangatiratanga'



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