Apr 27, 2011

Terror raids in Te Whanau a Apanui....

Some disturbing news from Te Whanau a Apanui:

Our team have been given a heads up from an inside source that the Police are mobilising to hit Apanui with raids, like the Tuhoe ones. Maori cops have been asked to take part in an Armed Offenders operation. We… have made contact with Police personnel to say that if they have concerns they can raise it with us directly in open korero, and that raiding our people is not necessary or desirable. Whanau, we hope this is not true. We sincerely hope it is not true. However if it does come to pass we know we have nothing to hide, we have been open about our opposition and our reasons for it, and have put all of our information out in the open. Again, standing up for our mana is not a crime, and we haven't been engaged in any illegal activity. If this does eventuate whanau we stand together, as always, and we ask that people DO NOT retaliate or get agitated by the Police - do not get trapped into the game. Keep our whanau, mokopuna and kaumatua safe at all times. Video record anything you can. Stay calm, stay on the kaupapa.

I tend to think this is more than just speculation. In my opinion it is plausible, if not probable, that the Police are keeping a close tab on the tribe with a view to suppressing continued protest action. The Police will undoubtedly construe some warped narrative and, like last time, arrest a bunch of naïve Maori activists, skinny environmentalists, pacifists and small time riff raff. Another kick in the guts for Maori and another embarrassment for the police.

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  1. Awesome heads up and like Tiki Taane say, if the Po-po are playing up, ftp...

  2. Kiaora mo tēnā e hoa

  3. Good heads up... NOW LET'S ACT ON IT!!!

    We MUST team up... the WHOLE Maori nation as one UNSTOPPABLE FORCE!!!

    As individual iwi we get picked off and hurt... as they did in Tuhoe.


  4. He pai te pānui, good to share info, have to say tho that's a whopper of a judgement you lay down in saying 'bunch of naive Māori activists' .. I have observed an excellent standard of clear communication of intentions, planning, activities with expert legal & media strategies around the collective stance of an entire iwi to protect their environment and be inclusive of other groups wanting to support their efforts.. Do you mean to use the word 'naive' as in meaning uncontrived, unpretentious & without affectation?

  5. Prayers & blessings to all the Maori Tribe!
    Be safe and stand strong and proud!!!!é

    Wampum Dee,Turtle Island. USA

  6. Here we go again whanau there are better things that they could be doing but ohhh no they dont like maori speaking up too much kia kaha Te Whanau a Apanui we stand with you

  7. If anything it is a government that does not listen or act on climate and peak oil issues that is naive. In the same way that Gerry Brownlee ignored public opinion on mining issues, and the government found out the hard way what happens when you ignore locals and their communities in issues of such importance.

    Nationally Aotearoa needs to act on climate issues and action a peak oil plan. Naive is the government that ignores its population. Kia Kaha to those wise ones on the East Coast.

  8. "that's a whopper of a judgement you lay down in saying 'bunch of naive Māori activists'"

    Sorry, I should have given some context to that statement. I was referring to the activists arrested during the original Tuhoe raids - not Te Whanau a Apanui activists.

  9. Gee well that's ok then, just us naive Maori activists who were arrested in those raids, some of whom just happen to also be working on this kaupapa... still.

    What exactly ARE you saying e hoa? Don't go down those paths is my suggestion. The police wanna crack down on any political dissent these days, especially if it involves Maori. Hell people get arrested for chalking on footpaths these days. Police state? Too right mate. It's a sad state of affairs when you can't even disagree with the thieves in power. And we call this a democracy...

  10. Kia kaha oku Whanaunga i ou mahi tino rongonui. Haere tonu i a koutou. Toku aroha ki a koutou

  11. Scare tactics thats all that is and Te Hamua pretty much sums it all up, we need to stand united, not just as a Maori people but a nation. It's not just about us, it's about every living creature ... kia tu kotahi ai tatou mo ake tonu atu



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