Apr 3, 2011

Maori blog list

I’ve finally created a Maori blog list. You can find it down the left side of the page. If I’ve missed any flick me an email or leave a comment.   


  1. here's one you missed since it was just started yesterday


  2. Kia ora ra koutou nga whanaunga o Ngati Awa. He mihi nui kia a koutou mo to mahi i runga tenei "blog". He kuia ahau no Ngati Awa ki Waikanae,ki Taranaki, ki Parihaka hoki. He uri hoki matou o Ngati Toa. Kei a matou "He Maori Blog" anei te wahi -
    Tena koa tapiri tenei ki to rarangi korero. He maha o matou whanaunga e noho ana i roto i to koutou rohe. Kei te hiahia matou ki te whakamohio ratou he aha nga korero no te kainga. He maha nga mea pai ai engari he maha hoki nga mea i raru ai to matou iwi. On our blog we write about the reality many of our people live in. Many of our people contribute, no one person writes everthing. We write about our history, our whakapapa and our current issues. We write about the achievments gained by many of our mokopuna and great-mokopuna. We also write about the corruption that is rife within those who control the finances of our marae Whakarongotai. We write only truth and check every allegation we make there to back it up with factual proof that can be checked by anyone. We try, even under pressure, to maintain the teachings of our tupuna Te Whiti and Tohu. We will not physically, verbally or in any other way threaten our whanaunga even when they do that to us. We advocate and offer support for aids, hiv and sexual abuse survivors in our iwi. We are dedicated in our resolve to stop pedophiles and others who commit violent crimes from having any position of power within our iwi. We are totally committed to establishing a transparent caring organisation for our people where the many will benefit not the few. We want to see expressions of genuine remorse from those who have abused our women and children over the last 30 years. We will not ban them from our marae as they tried to do myself and several of my sisters, but we will ban them from participating in any of our financial dealings. In the past ten years, thanks to CCDHB, TPK, and various other government departments, who did not monitor the money they gave to our current corrupt office holders at Waikanae. They have frittered away over a $1,000,000 of our money. We will continue to campaign on this blog to stop the corrupt behaviour that is destroying our iwi. Remember this, 'all it takes for corruption to succeed is the silence of good people'. Nau mai haere mai Ngati Awa ki Waikanae ki te awhina i runga i te rorohiko.I am putting my name to this for one reason, passive resistance to corruption in all its forms. Whatever I write about I am prepared to put my name on it Next January I will be seventy, I am tired but I do not want to leave a mess for my mokopuna. We need to act now to fix it! Those of you who know me know I stand by my word. Arohanui

  3. Kia Ora Whanau,

    I've just started a blog on green living. I'm working on a Maori childrens book and Maori prints and will be putting some pictures of the process up on my blog soon.


  4. Kia Ora Koutou

    I have started a blog, a couple of months ago, primarily about just me and my kids. I will expand on it, plan to include commentary on Maori Education. Its a bit emotionally (and technically) raw in places but please read it and leave feedback.


    Nga Mihi Jacque



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