Nov 26, 2011

Labour's Maori Caucus takes a hit

Labour's Maori Caucus has taken a hit. Parekura, Nanaia and Shane remain. Rino is the only new comer. Kelvin is out and Mita Ririnui is retiring. Deborah Mahuta-Coyles is not in either. One could count Moana Mackey, who should have never ever have received such a high list placing, but she is only a Maori Caucus member on paper. So the Maori Caucus is one member down.

National, by my count, are going to bring in six Maori MPs. If you can count, and I'm sure you can, National now have more Maori MPs than Labour. I wonder if this has ever happened before.


  1. During the brief period after Jami Lee-Ross was sworn in, but before Louisa Wall was sworn in, National had MMP (More Maori Parliamentarians) than Labour :-)

  2. Considering Labour lost a total of nine MPs, I think their Maori Caucus have done well to have only lost one member.



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