Nov 3, 2011

New Maori Blog

There’s a new Maori blog in the mix. Kaapua Smith which is, you guessed it, Kaapua Smith’s blog. Kaapua is number two on the Maori Party list. Of particular interest are her discussions of the “rourou economy” and the political divide at the Te Tai Tonga debate.


  1. I'm confused - seriously?

    I used to be a proud Maori (born in Huntly NZ), with massive heritage (Mari Flag with m GrandPa and true 'Mana' from my Mum) but WTF?!

    Having an Irish/English Father (who played RL for NZ), who loved my Pa, Mum and Whanau so much, yet to see the 'failure' of whanau? WTF is going on.

    I have first-hand seen and experienced Whanau shitting on their own and expecting to have access to the Marae (without regard for Utu, Muru and Whanau?!).

    What is the deal with that? Surely we are better than that and if not, well what hope is there?

  2. Maori have no mana, theyve lost it to the almighty dollar. Im embarrassed to be a maori . what happened to the once proud race?? Greed. they cant even look after the interests of their own children'
    its about time the so called elders got off their brown arses and did something constructive



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