Nov 27, 2011

Steve Chadwick resigns

Sad news from the NZ Herald:

After more than a decade in Parliament, former Rotorua MP Steve Chadwick has resigned from politics.

Mrs Chadwick quit after losing the Rotorua electorate to incumbent MP Todd McClay and failing to win a seat through the list votge.

Mrs Chadwick was generous in defeat, saying Mr McClay ran a clean campaign, but was obviously saddened at her loss.

"I'm really going to miss being in Wellington, especially since my children are down there.

"I'll be taking some time off for myself, its been 12 years, and you spend a lot of that time putting others first instead of yourself. The door's been closed for me by the people of Rotorua and I accept that."

Steve Chadwick was an excellent constituent MP for Rotorua from 1999 to 2008 and an excellent Labour list MP for Rotorua from 2008 to yesterday. Steve is one of the warmest people I have ever met. She has a beautiful aura and was a fine politician. She will be a loss to Rotorua and New Zealand. I wish her well in whatever she does. 

(It was a crime that useless deadwood nobodies like Moana Mackey, Rajen Prasad and Darien Fenton were ranked ahead of Steve).

On a related note, congratulations to Todd McClay who had his majority affirmed. Todd is also an excellent constituent MP and he will no doubt continue to serve the Rotorua electorate well.

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