Nov 25, 2011

Tonight's posts

I'll be on the road most of today so no posting until around 5ish. I'll wrap up the week in Maori politics for the final time and update the best and worst performing Maori politicians page. I think I'll rank the best and worst from the campaign.

I don't want to breach any electoral rules tomorrow so there will be no posts and comments will not be published.

On Sunday and the following days I'll write up an election post mortem and review how things are likely to play out in Maori politics.  

In the meantime if you still haven't made up your mind take a look at this useful resource Radio New Zealand have compiled. RNZ have posed a range of questions and invited parties to respond.

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  1. Hope that as part of the rankings you do not give over-credit to Rahui Katene either as hard working or for having done alot on the ground during the earthquakes. Those views are challengable. She never said anything for 2/3's of her term; then spoke abt herself & her whanau alot rather than policy. She stood on a platform of increasing access of Te Tai Tonga voters to their MP but spent a very very large amount of her time in her Wellington MP office. During the earthquakes, she turned up to what Ngai Tahu was sorting out but did not bring to bear the influence she could have as as MP.



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