Nov 26, 2011


I'm continually updating my posts so keep checking in tonight.

Quick comment on the coverage:

I flicked between TV One, TV3 and Maori TV as well as Listener Live and Vote Chat. Good job all round I think. Coverage of the Maori electorates was good on Maori TV (naturally) and strong on One as well. I'm not sure how valuable Mike King and Derek Fox were on Maori TV though. Willie Jackson and Matt McCarten were strong on One. Sandra Lee was easily the best commentator of the night (on Maori issues I mean). Jon Johansson was easily the strongest commentator on any network and Patrick Gower, who's always brilliant, was the best individual journalist. Big ups to Toby Manhire at Listener Live - man it's a useful resource. Bryce Edwards and Andrew Geddis also did an awesome job presenting alternative coverage at Vote Chat.

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