Apr 4, 2011

Put a name to a face

I’ll be appearing on tonight’s episode of Native Affairs. I’ll be joining John Tamihere on the panel and we’ll be discussing the Labour Party, specifically the Darren Hughes controversy. The show begins at 8.30pm on Maori TV.


  1. Ka tau kē!

    I'm sure the kōrero will slide from hughes to other subjects.

    haere ora ake

  2. Well done Morgan

    A balanced view, and your own political twist, a new perspective realised. It seemed to me that JT gave weight to some of your contributions, which is encouraging too, congratulations!

    Heoi ano,
    Kei te hari koa au ki te kitea atu ki te kanohi o te tangata kaikorero mahi tenei BLOG....lol

    Mauri ora !!

  3. JT is absolutely right!

    Māori roll voters should demand high standards in communication of all Party's policies pertaining to our economy and sovereignty.

    Our Māori roll vote holds a lot of weight....

  4. Kia ora morgan,

    when does it get put online?

  5. Kia ora Marty,

    I'm not to sure tbh. MTS is pretty slack when it comes to putting their shows online.

  6. kia ora Morgan
    I thought your comments and korero very heartfelt and thoroughly exciting to see a young Maori man with an analysis! I like the idea that Maori voters can do some clever voting and hope we take up the opportunity! good luck in your studies! (what are you studying btw? lol)

  7. Kia ora anon. Yup, Maori are in a great position to use their vote strategically. If we are smart we can exercise huge influence over the outcome of the election.

    I'm studying law at the moment btw.

  8. thanks for that! Ive just become a follower on here and dont wnat to be anonymous and just trying to figure out how to get my name on comments! and I just figured it out! yay



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